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Idealist, Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Glass Door, Career Builder, Simply Hired, Craig’s List and Monster are some great websites to search job postings. All you have to do is search the kind of job you are looking for (example: “Entry Level” “Retail” “Management” etc..) and location, and these websites should generate lists of jobs that you might be interested in. Some sights allow you to upload your resume so that people seeking employees can search you out.


  • Apply to lots of jobs! The more applications you put out there, the more likely that you are to hear back!
  • Qualifications listed for a position usually exceed the actual skills or training needed to do the work, or get the job. If you find a job that interests and excites you, but you don’t have the required experience, apply anyway.
  • Use your cover letter to express your enthusiasm! If you are really interested in a job, and you know that you can do the work and will love coming to work every day, let them know! There is nothing an employer likes more than an employee who likes going to work and getting their job done well.
  • Spell check and edit your resume! Your resume will likely be put at the bottom of the pile if you have a spelling error. Make sure you use the red squiggly lines in Microsoft Word as your guide, and when you are done, go to review -> spelling & grammar to do one last check.
  • Expect to hear “No” or hear nothing at all. It is extremely frustrating to put so much work into job applications and not hear back, but it happens to everyone! Just keep applying!

Here are some jobs that we found in and around Berkeley:


Food Service:

Health and Wellness:



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